How can you differentiate the SNPs associated with mRNAs, that have moved long-distance within a plant, from sequencing errors? Melissa Tomkins, Franziska Hoebst from the John Innes Centre in Norwich and colleagues in the PLAMORF project have found an answer in Bayesian inference.

Check out the press release to get an overview,  read the publication abstract and download the full pdf.

(1) A shoot of plant with genetic background B is grafted on roots from genetic background A. The mRNAs differ in some positions in the genetic code, so-called SNPs. (2) Some mRNAs move long-distance over the graft junction. (3) Sequencing reveals the SNPs the of mobile mRNAs, but they are hard to distinguish from sequencing errors in local mRNAs. (4) Bayesian inference helps to find the mRNA signals in the noise of sequencing errors.