Fritz Kragler from the MPIMP was invited to this years ASPB meeting “Plant Biology 2023” in Savannah, Georgia, USA as a plenary speaker in session:

Intercellular Communication in Plants: The Long and Short of It

Join him on Tuesday, August 8, at 9:03 in Chatham ABC together with Sessen Iohannes, Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso,Tessa Burch-Smith and Margaret Frank and get insights into long-distance travel of messenger RNAs.

Fritz will present latest results on translation of transported mRNAs in recipient cells and their stability, indicating selective mRNA transport mechanisms, and how a mobility motive and grafting can be employed to generate edited but transgene-free seeds in one generation.

Check out the full abstract via the event website program: expand the Plenary session, and klick on the presentation tite.