Structural and functional analysis of a plant nucleolar RNA chaperone‑like protein

PUBLICATION! Structural and functional analysis of a plant nucleolar RNA chaperone‑like protein

NURC1 localizes to the nucleolus of plant cell nuclei, exhibits RNA chaperone‑like activity and may have a function in pre‑rRNA processing and thus ribosome biogenesis.

8 August 2023, Plant Biology 2023 in Savannah, Georgia

PLAMORF PI is one of the plenary speakers of Plant Biology 2023 (ASPB) meeting on the topic of long-distance travel of messenger RNAs.

Where science and politics crash: genetic engineering of crops

The German Focus magazine interviewed Fritz Kragler.

PUBLICATION! Callus grafts to study transport

Callus grafts as another tool to study transport in Arabidopsis just published in The Plant Journal

ICAR 2023: Meet the Kragler lab

The Kragler lab is represented at ICAR 2023 in Japan with several talks and posters! Check out their advances on m-RNA movement!

PUBLICATION: Chaperone feedback regulation

As they reported in New Phytologist, PLAMORF scientists found an auto-regulation mechanism for the chaperone HSC70!


As just reported in Nature Biotech, combining grafting and a mobile CRISPR for genome editing in plants can hugely simplify and speed up plant breeding.

PUBLICATION: Bayesian inference in long-distance mRNA movement in plants

In sequencing data, SNPs from one genotype are simliar to sequencing erros in another genotope. How to differentiate?

PUBLICATION: First characterisation of phloem-associated RNA chaperone-like protein (PARCL)

Intrinsically disordered plant protein PARCL co-localizes with RNA in phase-separated condensates whose formation can be regulated by mutating the PLD.

29.8 – 2.9, Lyon, Plant Computational Biology workshop

The Plant Computational Biology workshop is a satellite event to the 20th Plant Biomechanics conference, one of the invited speakers is PLAMORF PI Richard Morris.