PUBLICATION: First characterisation of phloem-associated RNA chaperone-like protein (PARCL)

Intrinsically disordered plant protein PARCL co-localizes with RNA in phase-separated condensates whose formation can be regulated by mutating the PLD.

29.8 – 2.9, Lyon, Plant Computational Biology workshop

The Plant Computational Biology workshop is a satellite event to the 20th Plant Biomechanics conference, one of the invited speakers is PLAMORF PI Richard Morris.

Meet PLAMORF scientists at PVB 2022

The sixth international conference on Plant Vascular Biology in Berlin, Germany is a great opportunity to meet PLAMORF scientists! All three PIs and several other project members are joining: Friedrich Kragler, Julia Kehr, Richard Morris, Steffen Ostendorp, Andras Szekely...

PREPRINT: HSC70.1 chaperone binds own mRNA for feed-back regulation

PLAMORF preprint: about graft-mobile HSC70 chaperone, its homeostatic feed-back regulation by binding its own mRNA and phenotype complementation only seen with mobile HSC70 mRNA

PROTOCOL: Arabidopsis Callus Grafting Method to Test Cell-to-Cell Mobility of Proteins

Would you like to know, if the plant protein you are working on, can move from one cell into the next through plasmodesmata?

3D printable moulds for callus cultivation

3D Printable files to create moulds for Arabidopsis callus co-cultivation and for callus cryosectioning are now available from Zenodo.

PUBLICATION: Shoot and root single cell sequencing reveals tissue- and daytime-specific transcriptome profiles

Analysis of Arabidopsis single cell transcriptome of roots (at end of day) and above ground tissues (at end of day and end of night) revealed marker genes, cell type differences, and similarities.

Interview with PI Friedrich Kragler: achievements, pandemic and science in the spotlight

Interview with PI Friedrich Kragler about first achievements, the impact of the pandemic on PLAMORF research and how Covid-19 puts scientific progress in the spotlight.

17 – 21 July 2022, PVB 2022: Plant Vascular Biology, Berlin

The sixth international conference on Plant Vascular Biology takes place in Berlin, Germany from July 17 – 21 2022

PUBLICATION: Impact of Metabolic Scion–Rootstock Interactions in Different Grapevine Tissues and Phloem Exudates

Our knowledge of graft partner interactions is very limited. We profiled the metabolome of eleven graft combination in leaves, stems, and phloem exudate from both above and below the graft union 5–6 months after grafting.