Interview with PI Friedrich Kragler: achievements, pandemic and science in the spotlight

Interview with PI Friedrich Kragler about first achievements, the impact of the pandemic on PLAMORF research and how Covid-19 puts scientific progress in the spotlight.

Why mental health challenges should not keep you from becoming a scientist

PhD candidate Francisca Mendez Pinochet explains what it is like to do a PhD while dealing with a genetically caused panic disorder and wants to encourage others whose mental health is affected to be brave enough to choose a career in academia.
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New Quantitative Plant Biology provides a home for big data research in plants

Data mining and analysis, mathematical modelling, machine-learning and ‘omics are transforming how plant research is being done. This is opening a new chapter in our understanding of the complexity behind plant life.

Interview with PI Richard Morris

PLAMORF interview with Richard Morris, group leader at the John Innes Centre, about his team’s work in the first year of PLAMORF, how Covid-19 affects their progress, what is planned next and what makes a good scientist.