Richard J. Morris

is one of the PLAMORF group leaders, in Computational & Systems Biology at the John Innes Centre and Professor in Applied Mathematics. He obtained a BSc and MSc in theoretical physics from the Technical University of Graz, Austria. After that he was awarded a PhD fellowship to carry out research in computational biology at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). He gained postdoctoral experience in Bayesian inference (MRC-LMB, Global Phasing) and structural bioinformatics (EMBL-EBI) before taking up the position of group leader in Computational Biology at the John Innes Centre. He became Head of Department for Computational and Systems Biology in 2010 before taking on the role of Institute Strategic Programme Leader and associate research director in 2013.

Richard is interested in a variety of biological problems, in particular those that can be reduced to physical principles and quantitative analyses. His primary research focus is on how plants communicate over intra- and intercellular distances, i.e. understanding how environmental stimuli are encoded as signals and how these signals are transmitted and decoded.

Find out more about him and his group on the John Innes Centre website, ResearchGate and LinkeIn.

Publications in PLAMORF:

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