The sixth international conference on Plant Vascular Biology takes place in Berlin, Germany from July 17 – 21 2022. Two PLAMORF scientists, Friedrich Kragler, from the MP-IMP in Golm and Julia Kehr from the University of Hamburg are members of the local organizing committee, also chairing sessions. There are two presentations from PLAMORF scientists:

Steffen Ostendorp: “RNA binding and assembly of a newly characterized phloem RNA binding protein” in Session X: CalciumElectric Signaling 1, Wednesday, July 20th, 12:05-12:20

Richard Morris: “How plants broadcast their pain” in Session XIV: In silico plant, Thursday, July 21st, 16:00-16:25

Visit also the poster sessions, to find out more about “Coordination of circadian rhythm via phloem-delivered GRP7 transcript” on Andras Szekelys‘ poster!

Check the conference website for the full program and more information!